Sunday, February 16, 2014

End of the weekend

Back to work tomorrow (sigh).

We caught and brushed the little cashmere goat brothers today. They didn't much like it, though Pants appreciated the grain bribes. They'll be shedding soon, and we want the fiber to be as clean as possible.

I worked on my studio some, building shelves out of fruit boxes, boards and blocks. I really need to scrounge more shelving. I hung the old wooden ladder from the Ancestral Home (we used it as a bean trellis there for years) from the studio ceiling, then suspended some metal shelves and baskets from it with chain. It's a little funky, but holds a lot of tins and wooden objects. Plus I can store some big weird items along the ladder, like the French horn and the badger mount.

The fruit boxes came from a Hillyard estate sale I hit at lunchtime on Friday. Also got a spud with a busted handle (now I need a froe) and what I thought was a brilliant device for washing root vegetables but C. thinks is a homemade honey extractor. Good score either way.

We ate the second-to-last jar of homemade vegetable soup last night. Must can more this fall! The dogs are having canned green beans and cheese chunks with their rice tonight, and C. has scalloped potatoes in the oven for us.

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