Saturday, February 1, 2014

First February weekend

Those baby rabbits are deeply, profoundly cute. We sat with them for a while today, feeding them broccoli (mom came and snatched it away and ate it herself) and cabbage. They're just at the best age. Little Plum was practicing hopping over the bricks that separate the big box (just outside their nest box) from the room. She'd sit casually for a minute, then zip off, leap the bricks and land nonchalantly on the other side. Then turn around and bop over the bricks again, and loop the room, putting an extra kick in some of her hops. Then back over the bricks. The formerly black bunny, Martin, got into a tug-of-war over a piece of cabbage with the little white one (Rue).

The weather has turned snowy then cold (down to 16 tonight, and -3 forecast for Tuesday night). C. cut some stove wood from the pile outside and I hauled it inside and put the fan on to dry it out. I drove to Deer Park yesterday for five dozen eggs from Charlene (my egg connection), and today for four sacks of organic chicken feed from an Amish family farm.

Moved a little furniture around in Badeaux's old area (we've kept her separated from the little guys after she bit Jack and he lost his eye a couple of years ago). Not feeling like doing much. C. is making mushroom pizza again tonight. Mmmm.

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