Sunday, February 9, 2014

You should have a Subaru

It's 24 degrees and snowing lightly. C. and I just returned from getting a load of wood in the Subie. The truck has crapped out again, but I'm not sure we miss it. It's only two-wheel drive and would not make it to the wood place, much less up and down the snowy tracks (not roads) inside. The saw ran, our piles from last time were still there, and we negotiated the snow just fine. And I can load and unload one batch without walking like John Wayne. (Especially since C. did a lot of the loading.)

Em and Richard's niece, Autumn, were up yesterday to see the bunnies.

They spent hours feeding, watching and holding the little guys.

C. is making pizza again. The onions in storage are getting soft, so we need to use or freeze them quickly. And pizza, the way we like it, is full of those sweet Walla Wallas. It'll go well with the latest applesauce cake, which she made with dried cherries instead of raisins. Really good. (Yes, I think of other things besides food. Sometimes.)

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