Saturday, March 15, 2014

A three-egg day

And if you have three chickens, that makes it a perfect day, no? At least chicken-wise.  

So we got the loose rabbits moved out of the bathroom. They seem happy with their bigger space, and the babies were interested in their old nest box. Smokey is still in a cage in our bathroom. I called around about the cost of rabbit neutering, and boy! it ranges from $80 to $200. Each. 

Yesterday was cloudy and dreary, then the skies opened up and poured rain, and the sun came out and it was lovely. I worked on the greenhouse some. Revamped the foundation wall. The guineas were tootling around, going "BuckWHEAT!" and looking for grain or bugs. I can't tell them apart, except for Mrs. Davis and Johnny-and-Edgar. No idea how many are hens.Their wattles are subtly different shapes and sizes, and only the girls buckwheat. Below, straight red wattles, and at the bottom, scooped wattles. I'll try to pay more attention, but tend to get sidetracked by polka dots and party hats.

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