Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three eggs and an asymmetrical guinea

I worked a little on moving some fencing after work. It's kinda fun to get out and do something physical after spending the day in a chair in a cubicle.

We need to give the big animals more pasture soon, and the goats would love to thin some of those scrubby thickets around the edges of the former lawn. So I'm taking down some of my early fence work (wobbly and poorly placed) near the garden, planning to move it to the area behind the barn, up by the front gates. It will be well supported and tight, if I have to stretch it with the car. Dammit. Fencing isn't hard, it's just exacting. You can't half-ass your fence. And half-assed is my style, so it takes a little extra effort (and the memory of chasing two loose sheep all over the hill last summer).

So I took down some fence and dug out a couple of T-posts. The third post was impossible. Time to quit.

The funny guinea (with one up wattle and one down) that C. calls Winkie came over and squapped politely, so I got him some grain and took photos. Those mismatched wattles are pretty weird. Was he injured in a keethood accident? Or did they just grow like that? See him winking his transparent eyelid at me while he stuffs his face? In the bottom photo you can see his wacky wattles – and his party hat that looks just like a walnut from that angle.

Enough rambling. C. is making a pie from some of last summer's frozen huckleberries. I like to sneak bits of pastry when she's not looking. And I like pie.

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