Saturday, March 8, 2014

What snow?

So the snow is gone. I can't deal with all this change happening all the time. – No, I can. I'm so ready for spring – lovely long warm days, nothing freezing and flooding, every room warm... There is still some ice over toward the barn, but, basically, the snow is gone. 49 degrees outside.

C. is starting plants all over the place. There's a big bin of seed-starting mix (garden dirt, rabbit/alpaca/goat poo, organic commercial potting soil) in the kitchen, and a stack of flats and pots. She says she might have started too many cabbages, below. You think? And she dropped a chunk of stove wood on her toe.

Yes, the rabbits are still in the bathroom. We're going to move them tomorrow, maybe. Below, I've cut some heavy-duty pallets (free!) in half to make a new foundation for the greenhouse. Should have it reassembled tomorrow, ready for cabbages.

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