Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bunny pellets in my bathroom!

Here's an installment of bunny cuteness, which we've been lacking lately.

C. took the first four shots in the bunny room yesterday evening. The bottom photo is what I found in the bathroom this morning. C. moved the little fellows at 2 a.m. when their old room started to flood. (It's always something here.) This time it was rain from the patio pushing through the north door. The grate in front of the door was frozen, and the melting snow and new rain kept  mounting up. She woke me up to help, and I found myself bumbling around in the snow trying to get some drainage going. I failed. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a dream, as bunny poop in the bathroom is real, and so are the bunnies.

This summer we address drainage around the building! Among many other things.

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