Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After work

Monday, patched sheetrock in the hall (still have to goop it).

Tuesday, planted red raspberries from the ancestral home. Neighbor John D. gave them to us years ago; I stuck them in the ground around the silo and they made a few berries. Now they'll have a chance to go crazy. Hope they do.

Wednesday, tilled on the south side of the garden. Went over it just once, hoping to pull the quack grass  up, but not chop it.  Em's idea. So we can rake it out, then go back and till deeply. Anything to avoid picking through the dirt after tiny sections of quack root! You can see the white roots everywhere in the photo – every millimeter of every root will make a new plant, so you have to get it all out. The tiller started right up for me, and I only went careening down the hill once (the throttle sticks). And I was able to get it stopped before tilling up the wire fence.

And C. has a new rock! It's a half-boulder in the middle of one of the beds. Maybe we could lever it over and use it as part of a terrace? Or maybe it's just fine right there.

Thursday, raked quack grass out of the newly tilled area.

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