Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bunnies and tilling

C. has two of the young rabbits in the bathroom for plucking. (If we didn't have six dogs, she could pluck them on the couch watching TV, but noooo.) So I plunked them on the toilet and took their pictures. Here, then, are the first of my series of Toilet Portraits.

Here's Plumb Bob. Check out that grey undercoat, fawn coat, and pale grey/fawn loose fluff.

Here's Rue, with her white fluff. No silly tufts or muttonchops, just lots of white fiber.

So Em and Richard brought the Ancestral Tiller, and I got a lesson in tillology. It starts right up, and goes. I'm feeling empowered. Nothing will be safe from me. 

It's damp and grey out. Might till, or pot tomatoes. Might just read by the fire.

We finished the tomatoes – 141 total.

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