Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gardening in the snow

From green to white, overnight.

Yep, snow on April 27. Not the best for gardening.

It is melting, though, and the expected high is 52. We'll probably get out there later. Richard and Em are bringing the Ancestral Rototiller today, but it might be too wet out to till. Our soil is very sandy, so we'll see.

Cute earmuffs, dude.

We've got a fire going this morning, and C. is wearing earmuffs. That's Kewpie on the left, and Jazzbert on the right. Jazzy is wearing her morning hair. It's considerably tidier than her afternoon hair. She does it herself, on the rug, and it enhances her rep as a barbarian princess.

 I finished the vacuum installation last night. Now I need to patch the sheetrock and the floor and generally tidy up. C. is vacuuming. It's not too noisy, more like a rushing wind than the roar of the shop vac. I can stand it, with the radio turned up. C. loves to vacuum. So does Emma. (We got Em a Little Green Clean Machine, a carpet/upholstery shampooer, for her 10th birthday. She was thrilled.) Weirdos.

Yesterday C. and I transplanted a great many tomatoes from flats into 6-inch pots and yogurt containers. Probably about 80. We have another 30 or so to go, but ran out of potting soil. The greenhouse is full of tomatoes! They have bottom heat, so the snow probably won't bother them.

C. strips the lower leaves off a tomato plant and sets it deep into the pot.
It will develop roots all down the buried stem.

C. has finished vacuuming and is now telling me all about the virtues of central vacuuming. She is pleased. I am pleased.

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