Sunday, May 4, 2014

Johnny-and-Edgar takes a time out

Found him like this in the netting over the chicken yard this morning. He doesn't seem to be hurt. Look at those pretty white eyelashes.

Yesterday I did some tilling, including under the old hoop-house shelter for the big animals. C. planted spuds there, some sprouty ones from storage. Hauled over some bedding out of the barn for mulch. C. planted peas and basil. Worked on the tilled up area on the south side of the garden, picking out grass roots and adding terracing.

Since we're working on the old animal pasture in front of the building (the future orchard), I foolishly thought I could let the big animals back in to chomp some of the green grass, since their area is getting eaten down. Put hoops and chicken wire up over the raspberries. The crap apple has fencing around it. And I'm working right there, so I can keep an eye on things. None of it is fenced well enough for permanent grazing, but should be fine for short-term, right? Everybody will be interested in fresh grass.

Those little bastards the goats made right for the raspberries. I hollered and threw things, which they found amusing. So while I'm beefing up the berry fence, I turn around and there's Pants, finishing up the last of the crab apple's leaves. He jumped the four-foot fence into a tiny area and pulled the tree over and started munching. C. came and lured the goats away with grain, and I shut them back into their brown pasture. Shitheads. The other guys are still munching green grass, and behaving. I'd better go check on them.

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