Friday, May 23, 2014

We love a four-day weekend

Even if some of the first day is spent at the vet. Pants, one of the goat twins, managed to get his leg caught in the fence. He was hanging there when passers-by saw him and told us. It looked horrible. Turned out OK, though – not even broken. We rushed him to Deer Park Veterinary Clinic (very nice folks who have seen way too much of us in the year we've lived here) and his X-ray showed no broken bones. So he got a pain shot and a treat, and is now limping around the pasture.

We've spent most of the day grubbing boulders out of the tomato bed.

I found another monster rock in the top bed while rooting out quack grass. 

Help me, Earl! This is C.s giant boulder in the tomato bed. It will be vanquished, even if Earl doesn't help.

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