Sunday, May 18, 2014

Planting time

We worked on the garden this weekend, digging and terracing on new beds. C. planted Jarradale winter squash and the first of the tomatoes.

I dug up the two apple trees I planted last weekend, removed the wire-mesh baskets from their roots, and replanted them. The folks at my garden club said that the gophers aren't that bad here, and the wire would constrict or cut their roots as they grew. C. agreed. I'm a little sad, as the cages were a pain to make, and very symmetrical.

The spuds are up, as are the sunchokes and peas and lots of greens. And purple asparagus spears are erupting from their bed, but we're not supposed to eat any until next year. (I've cheated, but only a little.)

I expanded the big-animal pasture again. I buy a few T-posts, and bump the fencing out here and there. That's the best we can do until more rolls of wire fencing are in the budget – maybe next month.

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