Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chicken nipples and other farm matters

Lovely cool, rainy weather lately. Spent the day dragging stuff out of the porch, hall and gym and putting some of it away. So it all looks like crap, but I'm sure (invisible) progress is being made.

We sheared Tricks the sheep. That's her nearly naked butt, below center. Bambam, at right, is surprised. Savvy is still sporting her trendy off-the-shoulder look, but we're planning to take care of that as soon as the weather dries out a bit.

The chickens have been released from the Lobster Pot. They bitched incessantly and withheld the egg, so after two weeks I caved and let them back into the barren chicken yard. So much for harnessing the plowing power of the chicken. What's the problem? Doesn't it look comfortable? It's 3x8 feet, and comes complete with all the mod cons: bucket nest box, roost and tiny roof. Look at all those delicious greens and seeds and bugs. Ungrateful brats. 

All the chickens on the Internet loved their chicken tractors.

Next I'm going to try chicken nipples. Just bought them on ebay. All the chickens on the Internet love their chicken nipples.

 Every morning the guinea mom team perambulates their nine remaining chicks up to the garden gate for their game-bird feed. These little guys work so hard.

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