Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wiped out

Monday was a vacation day, Tuesday I worked from home (laboring unsuccessfully to get my work network to work) and today I went in to the office and sat there for eight hours doing all kinds of stuff. I met, I imposed, I designed, I schmoozed. I am now toasty. Much harder than farm work.

The kids brought Liam up, and I got his nose many, many times and held him while he slept. What an excellent baby (11 pounds!).

C. picked great baskets of greens. I fished spinach by the handful out of the overflowing sink, put it in a big net bag, and took it outside and swung it round and round under the stars. Only hit myself in the head once. I am a human salad spinner! I managed to stuff the whole bag into the crisper drawer in the fridge. She's washing the Maruba Santoh now. Some of it will go into the driers for winter, some into a salad, some spinach into smoothies for me. That woman can put food by.

Didn't clean the rabbit room – too tired. Refreshed their water and gave them a great basket of green stuff.

Sleep now.

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