Saturday, June 25, 2016

Last June Weekend

Beautiful day – not too hot, either.

We picked the first of the peas! I love peas. C. planted three long rows, three different kinds. Or maybe four. I picked on one side, C. on the other, and Earl stood at the ready to catch and eat any we might throw. He eats the shells, too, but especially likes it if you give him a few shelled ones first. Mmm. Tastes like spring.

I made brownies, but they're a bit gooey in the middle which C. finds disgusting. (evil laugh)

I enjoy moving furniture but hate to clean. So when we made a deal that involved tidying up (I'd clean the kitchen if C. would put my studio windows in), I figured the easiest way to clean the kitchen is to add storage. Hmmm. Might have to move some furniture around.

The kitchen is too small, badly laid out, and overfilled with pots and pans and Tupperware and gallon jars of dried oregano and mysterious things that should be somewhere else. Like feathers. Yes, C. collects guinea feathers, and uses the baking area to sort the damn polka-dotted things. Hundreds of them. They're spilling out of containers piled high in Dr. Seussian stacks. SO I've dragged some recycled kitchen cabinets from the gym into the old entry, which lies just outside the kitchen, and installed them, drawers and shelves and such. Excess kitchen stuff can go there. I'll leave a shelf for Tupperware to spawn lids that don't fit anything. And I'll set up a long counter with storage for guinea feathers.

The damn real estate guy told us there was a feather-sorting station here, or we wouldn't have bought the place.

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