Sunday, June 12, 2016

Three days off

Aren't I smug? Three-day weekends are awesome.

Dovey has been foiled. I found 14 blue eggs in the old chicken shack off the barn today, and stole them and put them in the fridge. She is going to be really pissed. But she's already had a batch of chicks this year. That's enough. 

Perhaps we should have named her Beloved Fidel. Look at that beard.

I've just come in from pilling the goats. They need supplemental minerals, especially copper. 

The copper comes in horse-sized gel caps (see the little ingots of copper!) and you can either trick the goat into eating the pill, or buy a gun that actually shoots the pill down his throat. I go with sneakiness over force every time. I tried earlier, using a clever scheme I read about on Farmer Google. You take a big marshmallow, poke a hole and push the huge capsule of tiny copper blobs inside. The goat is supposed to scarf the 'mallow and the pill right down. I tested this with a plain marshmallow. Utter fail. Apparently my goats need to spend more time online. They think marshmallows are inedible. Maybe if I melted them, and added chocolate and graham crackers…

C. suggested treacle and rolled oats, so I got all sticky dribbling molasses over the capsules, then rolled all of us in oats. It was like being tarred and feathered, but edible. Pretty good, really, in a hippie sort of way. Yes, they fell for it. It's damn satisfying to trick a goat. 

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