Saturday, July 6, 2013

Creamed peas and new taters

We've had salads from the garden, but this was the first real meal it provided. Mmmm. I'm so looking forward to tomatoes, too.

In other news, M and Richard came up to fence the back yard for their two dogs. We'll be dog sitting for them for a few days – and tortoise sitting as well. They'll set up turtle quarters in the purple bathroom, which has working lights and outlets (oooooo!). They have two Sulcata tortoises.

I worked on the chicken house framing some. Reusing the old greenhouse structure is a pain. I probably should have dismantled it and used the boards instead of whole walls. It's patched together with new lumber and is a little funky. I suppose chickens won't care, and the old tiny-pane windows will make it shabby-charming. That's my look – shabby-charming.

I let the guineas out into the old sheep pasture for an hour or so in the evening, and call them home with millet and sunflower seeds. We're having four-egg days lately. I think they're content.

And C. has bought a rescue Suri alpaca on Craig's List. He'll be arriving Wednesday. He's about 5, just had all of his medical/dental/toenail stuff done, and is white with blue eyes. He'll hang with the sheep, and we'll look for a companion for him. Suris have long, silky corded fleeces, expensive to buy and dreamy to spin.

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