Monday, July 22, 2013

Flock member

He's made a great show of standing guard and leading the way, and they've decided he can stay. But the Connies are twice his size and brook no nonsense, so he'd better be respectful or they will eat him like a grasshopper.

Weekend is done and there's still so much to do. Working to keep up with the garden. C. has another batch of pesto in the works, and is drying all kinds of greens for winter. (The rabbits like dried beet greens, which suits me because I like beets.)

The sheep and the camel (we forget what he is sometimes) are lonely since I moved them. They liked to hang out in front of the school near the dogs and the garden. Tricks liked to tease the dogs, too. It's quieter with them on the far side of the garden, and they still see us nearly as often. They're OK with it as long as the grass holds out.

The sheep get grain at dusk, and they are greedy little pigs. Savvy (on the right) has become really friendly over grain. She's quieter than Tricks, and less flighty and puckish. She really likes to have her chest scratched.

Earl is still in the splint, and sounds like Pegleg Pete the pirate coming down the hallway (step THUMP, step THUMP). And one of his ears is sticking up and looks like it will stay that way. He's so full of quirky personality he could do standup. If we encourage his bad habits maybe he could get a reality TV show.

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