Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meet Azul

He's a rescue alpaca, and he's unhappy. His owner got sick and couldn't take care of him, so he and his alpaca buddies went to stay at a rescue. But he's a Suri and they are the other kind so he ended up on Craig's List all alone. Suris have beautiful fiber and we're into fiber animals and we have fencing and fiber sheep and fiber rabbits and poor impulse control, so here he is.

I have to say he's pretty dorky. I know he's not at his best. I thought he'd be smaller. And more handsome. And less goofy-looking and moth-eaten and depressed. I've been around llamas a little, but never an alpaca. (What is with those awful lower front teeth? Are those normal? How can he eat?) 

Poor boy. We hope he'll bond with the sheep (they have beautiful fiber, too, so they've got that in common. And Tricks is kind of a dork.) And if he's still unhappy we'll look for another Suri. It's only his first day. I should be patient. He ate some oats, and went back to grazing and looking longingly at the gate, making soft little sighs. 

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