Monday, July 29, 2013

The first big tomato is... Stupice

Those smaller ones are Ukranian balcony tomatoes, and the big convoluted one is a Stupice. (Dumb name for a good tomato.) Below, a garden shot from the roof. I was up there today talking to a hot-tar guy. My other roof bids have been for installing a membrane roof, and I'd prefer the traditional tar. We'll see if we can afford it. I hadn't realized that tar, being a petroleum product, is not cheap these days.

That's me and the roofer looking down at Savannah looking up at us.

Earl's Bad Day

Earl want back to the vet today. We thought he'd broken his broken leg again, considering the fuss he made after being ejected from the couch Saturday night. But noooo. The vet was very diplomatic. She said he was sensitive. The big baby. He'd been chewing his splint and toes, though, so they rewrapped the leg and sent him home with... the cone.

C. put it on him and he took off yelping and immediately got stuck in the dog door.

I maneuvered him free and he stood on the steps feeling pretty low. I carried him in and put him on the couch, where he humped up sulking.

Just after I took this photo he barfed all over.

He hopes we've learned our lesson.

In other news, we're watching M's two Sulcata tortoises. They're installed in the boy's bathroom. They are fierce and animated creatures who zip around their pen and ram each other. Check out Dewey's spiked legs and jagged shell, below. He's about the size of a bike helmet, and quite heavy. If I were a carrot, I would be afraid.

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