Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hot hot hot

 Em came up yesterday to take C. huckleberrying. "Our" spot was pretty picked out, but they found enough for a pie. I'm looking forward to that pie.

I was feeling sorry for the chickens, who have been confined to their house and yard since the garden went in. (We let the guineas out to forage in the evenings, but the chickens are too destructive.) Their house is hot, and their yard is pretty bare. So I took some fencing and grafted a 4x10-foot shady, grassy space onto the run. They like it and hang out there. I can move it around to fresh grass, too. I'm hoping it's located on a major grasshopper trail.

Azul was hot, too, so Em turned the hose on him. He loved that, and turned around so she could get all sides. Then he sat in a puddle.

It's miserably hot. I tied up some tomatoes, then came in and cooled off. Then put the soaker hoses around the rows, and came in and cooled off.  Good thing we have five new boxes of books.

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