Saturday, July 5, 2014

July weekend

Thursday, the third. We had our first full meal out of the garden - creamed shelled and snap peas, and new potatoes. Delicious. And a crispy salad with homemade croutons.

Two of the guinea hens are setting on nests. They've gotten brutal about defending those two eggs – I have a couple of holes in my right arm from pecks from the puffed-up enraged creatures. They puff their feathers out and hold their wings out and come right at me, as intense and creepy as Gary Oldman in Dracula. (Only smaller, and polka-dotted.)

Friday, the fourth. I moved fencing a bit and let the big animals work on the grass and knapweed in a corner of the orchard. Hauled four loads of bedding from the barn to the garden for mulch. Em and Richard came up and fed us salmon and cheesecake in honor of my 56th birthday. Then they tied tomato plants and hauled sawdust for the dog yard. We know how to party around here. There were fireworks, I think, over toward Reflection Lake, but we couldn't see anything over the trees.

KiSong behind the tiger saw, cutting out the 2x4s and sheetrock that make up the
insulated inner wall added by a remodeler about a decade ago. 

Saturday. Worked on my studio window. KiSong came up and helped cut the inner wall out, exposing the hugeness of the opening. Eight feet tall, in a room with 12-foot-ceilings!We're doing the north end of the window, leaving the other half for later this summer so I'll have half a studio to work in right away. I worked on getting the remaining windows ready to install – replaced four panes and puttied 10. Messy damn job. Earl kept trying to sneak in and eat the dabs of excess window putty off the floor.

Early still has a rash inside his legs. We think it's from running around in the knapweed in the fields. We gave him another bath in the kiddie pool out by the guinea yard.

Sunday. Plan to get the windows in and do a whole lot of clean up. And move a little fencing...

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