Saturday, June 28, 2014

My unwindowed wall

Before the sky split open and pissed all over my weekend plans, I pulled the vinyl window and framing out and worked to get the first section of old windows framed in.

Earl watched me for a while, then went to see what Annie was doing. He thinks she's right – there is some sort of furry varmint in the ground here.

Got the first three windows in. The areas with pink insulation are part of the inside wall. I'll trim them down after the windows are in. That dark red vertical at the right is a steel beam.

Went up on the roof and looked for obvious holes. Nothing up there. I patched a spot where a nail was poking through, and a side wall with a loose lap of sheeting. Called the local roof guy and left a message. This is a job for a pro.

The leaky roof has left me bummed. Didn't get much done.

Caught a gorgeous, healthy deer approaching the garden at dusk. She moved away slowly, and finally walked up the hill.

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