Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another good day for Annie

It's hot out there, and we're laboring in the garden. I'm making supports for the tomatoes. We usually poke poles into the ground next to each plant, and tie the branches to the post as the plant grows. That's a lot of branch-tying, since we grow mostly indeterminate plants and they get six or more feet tall and bushy. So I rummage around online and find Grunt and Grungy's Garden website. Dan and Val McMurray grew 4,000 pounds of tomatoes a year in their Ontario garden. They were short on money, long on smarts, and generous with ideas and tomatoes. Here are their adjustable tomato supports. I'm trying a version of that.

The McMurray approach to tomato cages.

I found these packing-crate sides in my pallet pile, cleaned them up, and am wiring them to t-posts. Then I'll attach the twine.

And Annie Banani came out and gopher-hunted while I worked. The nearby guineas are not even tempting.

And check out these gorgeous irises. C. brought them from the Ancestral Home. They never looked this good there.

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