Sunday, June 1, 2014

Three days mean summer

It's officially summer in my world. I take Mondays off all summer, instead of a two-week vacation, and tomorrow is my first one. So tonight, instead of being bummed, setting the alarm and going to bed early,  I'm lolling here at the computer, eating rhubarb pie, carefree. Take that, you Monday-Friday types. Plus, pie makes me happy.

Em and Richard were up yesterday, with our friend Cullen. They brought all three dogs – Lola, the small black shepherd; Bono, the snaggletoothed terrier mix; and Isabella, the little black and tan dachshund. Em worked on her stone-age final, trying to start a fire with her homemade bow drill. She's nearly got it – the drill smokes like crazy, but she's not yet able to collect a coal and use it to ignite her "tender bundle." It's amazing how patient she is, trying different woods and cords and grooves in the baseboard. The guys moved rocks in the garden and our new giant bookcase into my studio.

Earl and Lola did some big-dog romping, and Bono enjoyed marking trees and shrubs. Isabella is a rather indoorsy wiener dog and wanted nothing to do with gopher hunting, Annie's favorite sport. It's funny to look down and see two Annies, though it only takes a minute to tell them apart. Annie has piggy eyes, tidy little hooves, extra-long ears and a waist. Bella has big eyes, a fat nose, flipper-like feet and no waist at all. And where Annie simply steals food, Bella asks nicely, sitting up on her hind legs and pawing the air with her front ones.

That's Annie on the left, indignant at being left inside. Nice laser eyes.

They tolerate each other. Annie makes sure her people remember who is in charge, and Bella avoids her.

The garden is looking good. I've been unpacking boxes and tidying the house for a change. C. continues to plant tomatoes and miscellaneous stuff, including a great many greens.

Freckles lettuce

Kale and mustard? I'll ask C.

I think these are leaf radishes. I'm not the real gardener here, you know.

I recognize these. Greens. Pretty sure about that.

Lupines and iris in the flower bed.

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