Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting ready for the weekend

Picked up some horse fencing at the salvage place. Going to swap out the stuff on the garden now for this stuff – the holes are 2x4 inches, and that'll keep Annie the dachshund contained. Funny that the same fencing will work for horses and weiner dogs. So Annie will be able to come out to the garden with us and dig for gophers, without the risk of galloping off to the lower road (which she did Monday – strangers brought her home unharmed) or killing guineas (I have no direct evidence, but we did find the remains of Stumpy the guinea the other day). Like most dachshunds, Annie doesn't come when called. Not if her nose is onto something exciting.

So, anyway, fencing is in the plans. Also, building a solar dehydrator. I picked up three fridge racks at the junkyard, and plan to build a plywood box for them. I'll set it up in the greenhouse since it's getting empty as C. has planted the last of the tomatoes. I've snooped around online, and it looks like I want openings at the top of the box for warm air to enter, and a pipe coming out the bottom and going up outside the greenhouse to act as a vent. The moisture of the food will cool the air, it'll flow to the bottom and then be pulled out the chimney. I could add a fan in the pipe if the weather turns cloudy.

I'm kinda excited about building this as the garden is already producing extra greens. C. dries them as "veggie hay" for the animals to eat in winter. We have three or four commercial electric driers, the round plastic kind, and they mostly suck. Plus they cost money to run. And soon we'll have all kinds of stuff to dry – tomatoes, and stuff I can't think of right now.

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