Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brave little beans

I was out in the garden working on the bean trellis (all finished, 8x24 feet) when I noticed these guys pushing up through the soil. They're coco noir beans from seed that C. grew last year. She really likes them. They are dry or "shelly" beans. We've always grown green or string beans, but never dry beans. Harvest is easy – let the pods dry on the plant, shell them by rubbing the pods between your hands, and pop the beans into jars. She says each one is a beautiful little object with a lovely rounded shape and soft patina. So she's planted three beds of these beautiful objects, and they are popping up, big and robust. Imagine the power it takes for these babies to push up through the dirt into the light.

Earl saw his first horse today. Someone came clopping down the gravel road on a pinto. He looked, barked, and ran away home. 

I know I said Annie was grounded, but I let her into the garden while I worked. She was very good – came when she was called, stayed in the garden, dug furiously after gophers. 

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