Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's raining inside

Big storm out here. Lightning in the valley below, thunder, rumbling wind, pouring rain. Leaking roof. We put all the buckets out, then went to bowls and pans. It's leaking where it used to leak before we had the roof fixed. It's leaking where never leaked before. Good thing C. unblocked the drain in the girl's locker room or we'd be afloat by morning.

The storm pounds outside, the rain pitters on the roof and dings in the buckets. It's like a waterfall in a junk shop. Kewpie is hiding behind the big chair, her big round eyes even bigger and rounder. I run out and dump most of the pails, then wrap my down pillow over my ears and try to sleep. It's like trying to sleep through a rock concert – a long drum solo. I hate drum solos.

I do sleep, though, and in the morning we are still here.

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