Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pioneer days

I went down the hill this rainy morning to check out the local festival. It's pretty small, just a few flea-market booths, a parade and car show. The parade was unremarkable except for a homemade robot pulling a wagon,  a fine mule and some ponies in fancy harnesses. Add a few antique cars, ATVs, 4-Hers, cub scouts, and some cheerleaders doing dance routines, and that was it. Oh, and the septic-tank pumping truck, a loaded logging truck and some earth-moving equipment.

Small-town parades leave me feeling vaguely nostalgic, dyspeptic, depressed and embarrassed. I'm sure the Germans have a word for that.

There will be live music wafting up from the park tonight.


The guineas have been skulking around the lupines in the flowerbed above the garden. C. found out why yesterday. Aphids. Giant freaking fuzzy turquoise aphids.

We cut the old flower stalks back, knocked the bugs into a bowl, and watched the guineas feast. I hope the remaining bugs stay on the lupines and out of the garden.

I need to get out there and make some more tomato supports, but it's dreary, and I'm afflicted with the post-parade blues. Maybe I'll stay in and eat chocolate.

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