Thursday, June 5, 2014

We heart the arborist

Will, the arborist at work, gave me access to his tree prunings. It's a lot of material – he's a full-time plant guy on a 200-acre campus. Today I loaded up the Subie and brought home the first of many loads. I've got oak and... crab apple? branches. The goats and sheep are pleased. Azul, the alpaca, was less so, and I picked him some alfalfa.

Whitworth has launched a permaculture program, pretty great for a small private college. They are eliminating chemical fertilizers and making compost tea instead. I saw swales on the hills behind campus there, and even bee hives. I'm proud of them.

I figure to bring home a load of prunings twice a week, which should keep the big animals in munchies and save a little grass or hay.

Thanks, Will!

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