Thursday, July 17, 2014

The ides of July

The garden is producing lots of food these days. C. picks huge bowls of greens for the rabbits twice a day, and keeps kale and such rotating through the dehydrators for winter "hay." She makes a huge salad for people everyday, too. (I have a little. Crunch, crunch. Not crazy about salad.) We've had more spuds, some good-sized and weirdly knobby. More snap peas are going into the freezer, and we shelled a bunch of regular peas last night. The tomato plants are full of green fruit, and the beans are blooming furiously. There's garlic drying somewhere. C. is a fine gardener.

The heat wave is supposed to ease off tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

There are a bunch of forest fires near Leavenworth, in central Washington, and the skies here are grey and smokey. Air quality has gone down to "unhealthy," so I'm staying inside. I've got five boxes of books. I'll pick peas tomorrow, when the sky clears.

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