Friday, July 25, 2014

We have power!

And water!

We've been without both since freak wind storm blew through Wednesday afternoon, sending power poles and huge pine trees falling and snapping in two. Highway 2 was closed down, trailers in the big mobile home park at Riverside were smashed and bisected, metal roofing was ripped and curled upward. The storm hit hard – howling wind, whipping trees, big fat hail – and then silence. It had moved on to the next unlucky spot. Weird. Like a tornado, except that we don't have tornados here. A faux 'nado, then.

We were lucky and suffered no damage. Our big brick building squats on the lee side of a gentle hill. So we hauled water in the car and read by flashlight and kerosene lamp. I hauled our frozen food to town and Em's empty freezer. I blacked vegetables and boiled water on the propane grill. The neighborhood was full of the purr of generators and chainsaws.

It is wonderful to have our conveniences back, though. Running water, flushing water, hot water. The pink electric stove from 1959. Netflix on the TV. The internet!

If Part 2 of that amazing estate sale wasn't set for tomorrow, I'd stay home and surf and cook and bake and shower and flush all day.

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