Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful weekend

We had sun, we had rain, we had a thundershower. It was great. Working out in the garden in the rain means no mosquitos, and no sun hat. I gotta have that sun hat if it's hot, and then I'm responsible for the dang thing: keeping it attached to the head when it's windy, banging the brim into fenceposts while I'm working, remembering where I leave it when I ditch it for a while. I'm not a hat person, but it keeps me from melting or becoming heat-addled. And it's a pain.

So it was great outside, and we planted some sun chokes (or Jerusalem artichokes) that had been packed in sand in the hallway over the winter. They detected spring outside and were trying to get out of the bucket and into the garden. They would have made it, too. Very determined plants. (You'd know that if you every tried to eradicate them.) We grow them for the animals, mostly, though they make a nice crispy addition to salads.

They're prepared to go through the brick walls if necessary.

C. transplanted some Early Jersey Wakefield cabbages, planted two kinds of lettuce, and puttered and dug and such.

I worked on the hang-tooth fence with our fancy new drill that Em and Richard got us. I LOVE THIS THING. Smooth. Powerful. Made for people with normal sized hands, too. All of that and it makes a cool noise, lights up, and looks like something out of Star Wars.

It was a fine weekend.

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