Thursday, May 21, 2015

May garden

C.  planted bright lights swiss chard, and replanted a lettuce patch that Earl had dug up. And she watered a bunch of stuff with the hose as we haven't got the soaker hoses set up yet.

Last night she planted shallots, and a patch of spuds in the orchard area.

I grubbed out a bit of sod at the north end of the garden after work, laboring (slowly!) to extend the beds into the orchard. We've tried rototilling the sod but that just chops the quack-grass roots up, and every stinking chunk starts a whole new plant. Still, digging the grass out by hand is going to take us old people a thousand years. It might be worth rototilling and planting now, and pulling little quack weeds up for a year or two or six.

We've got a bed set aside for tomatoes (but not all of them!) and for a double row of green beans (but not all of them!) but then we're going to need more space. I'm not sure how this happens, except it has something to do with someone with a dad and granddad named Gardiner.

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