Sunday, May 10, 2015

Short weekend

So my garden club, the Elk-Camden Garden Keepers, had a booth at the big garden show yesterday. I spent some time helping set up and take down, and sat around and watched the knowledgeable make sales and take money. I'm not wise enough or smooth enough or strong enough to be truly useful, but I was there anyway. I think we did well, but the numbers aren't in yet. I'm tired just from watching everybody else work so hard – Barbara and Pat were on their feet all day, the rest of us pitching in for a few hours.

Picked up an excellent old wheelbarrow at the Goodwill Outlet for $6. Bought asparagus from the Boy Scouts' roadside stand.

Working on the fence a bit, but it's hot out there in the sunshine. Might shear that last sheep, or pluck some bunnies. Em is coming out to putter.

C. planted the rest of the yellow sweet Spanish onions, and carrots, spinach and mustard-spinach. Mulched them with shavings from A.'s duck pen.

Yes, the sheep was sheared! Suddenly the big, puffy black sheep is a tiny thing. And that means the sheeply pecking order must be reestablished.

The bare patches are where Tricks' fleece "rooed" or shed; the rest was sheared. Weird peek-a-boo effect, no?

One sheep walked right at the other, who backed up, and around the field they went, head to head. Then THUNK! a head-butt. Eventually they settled down. Yes, we do plan to catch Savvy and neaten up that haircut. Maybe she'd like some peek-a-boo spots, too.

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