Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sun. Rain maybe later

Rototilled the middle bit between the garden and orchard, about 20x50 feet. Sod, rocks and knapweed, on a slope. Only lost the tiller down the hill once, and it boobled along and finally fell over and died. Nothing was damaged.

C. came over wearing her magic apron and produced tape to hold the throttle lock up, which is a big improvement. Damn thing kept sticking wide open, and I had to let go of the handlebar with my left hand and pluck at the lock on the right handlebar while the tiller heaved and throbbed at the soil. That's how it got loose and ran downhill.

So now we rake the grass, roots and rocks out, then till again. That's my setup for raking, above. I pull the sod up onto the screen, then sit down, rub the dirt through the screen and toss the quack roots into a bucket.

Tomato Alley, before mulching. We gave the plants a whole lot more room this year, thinking they will produce more if not crowded. It goes against the grain, though. Those black bags are duck bedding mulch from A.

Finished Tomato Alley with 13 more plants (Balconoyya, Stupeechka, and two from home-saved seed,  identified only as "perfect" and "nice medium") for a total of 38. (Yes, our record keeping is a little weak.) We have probably 50 more tomato plants in need of a bed.

C. planted cucumbers, shallots and squash.

The guineas are grounded, for crimes against cabbage. They can come out when the cabbage is big enough to defend itself.

Good day. Worked hard. Sleep now.

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