Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weather change

Em and Richard were up yesterday, and we engaged in a great deal of rock moving, carting off the rock piles C. made when expanding garden beds, and adding to the terrace walls. They got Richard's ancestral tiller going, and I plan to fire it up tomorrow, maybe, and carve out a couple of new beds, extending the garden onto the orchard side.

C. made cream of asparagus soup. Delicious with homemade rolls full of fresh oregano and thyme.

Today started out hot (yes, we slept in) and C. planted and mulched a big square bed of Cocoa Noir beans, and a double row of rattlesnake pole beans on the tall wire trellis. I repaired a bunch of garden hoses, and found some more soaker hoses and hooked them up. Made a couple of tree cages for the apple trees and the Siberian tree shrubs. A. and Q. came up with a load of duck bedding for garden mulch, and took a load of stuff to the dump. Awesome on both counts!

The sky clouded up and a cool breeze started, with occasional thunder sounding in the distance. C. went to finish brushing Pants the goat, and I went along to hold him. I wore a mask but will probably be all stuffed up for a week like last time, but he fusses and fidgets and it goes much faster with a helper. (Yes, I took one for the team.) Then I donned the haz-mat suit and applied bug powder to Pants and the sheep in the barn as rain came pouring down, banging on the tin roof.

Asparagus soup and new rolls for dinner. The dogs had rice with frozen pod peas from last year's garden and chunks of cheese. Pretty good day.

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