Monday, May 25, 2015

Early morning thunderstorm

And it was a doozy! Lightning blasted, right out our big windows, over the Little Spokane River in the valley below. Thunder baboomed. Four dogs climbed shivering and panting into my lap. And the rain cut loose in a wild windy rush. The worst of it was over in about 20 minutes, and the dogs stretched, shook themselves and wandered off.

This morning the garden was nicely wet – but too wet to rototill or plant tomatoes. So I'm laying soaker hoses out in the garden beds, and making more by poking poly pipe with an awl. I've got odds and ends of all different sizes of pipe and fittings from estate sales over the years, and am working to integrate it all into a working system. It's slower than buying everything new and compatible, but a whole lot cheaper. It's the hippie way. Probably have to pick up some more fittings to connect everything.

I'm finding the USU PVC plan to be a little unsatisfactory. They don't glue the pipes together so they can disassemble it all at the end of the season – but the damn things tend to come apart under water pressure. It's probably that our garden is on a slope, or maybe I'm not strong enough to cram the pipes into the fittings hard enough, but it's really unpleasant (or maybe comical) to be fiddling with soaker hose at the top of the garden and have the pipe pop apart to spew water at the bottom. I rush to the bottom and fit the pipe back together, and it pops loose up top. And I've staked the line with rebar and buried sections under the path and you'd think that would be enough. Feh. So I'm glueing some sections together, as well as any place that wants to come loose. Storage be damned.

Anyway, a lovely overcast day, great for working outside.

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