Monday, August 8, 2016

C. is busy

So the third batch of 2016 pesto is in the freezer. And seven more jars of green beans are in the pressure cooker. And shredded zucchini is in the food driers (that goes in winter dog dinners). I shelled peas that'll go in the freezer tomorrow. And the rabbits got the usual big bowl of greens. She is busy.

The power went out Saturday right in the middle of the bread-machine cycle, so I took the poofy dough and made big rolls. They turned out great so I'm eating a lot of sandwiches. We're still waiting for big lush tomatoes, but I tried to push it and made pesto/parmesan/tomato sandwiches with chintzy little tomatoes. Not the same. You really need slabs of big beefy ones to do it right. Sigh. This does not look like a tomato year.

Tomorrow is work (from home).

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