Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wait until spring, you bastards!

We're off the shearing hook - I found a neighbor who shears on Craig's List, and she recommends leaving the alpacas until spring. So we have an appointment for June. Her rates are low, and she likes alpacas. I hope she still likes them after June comes and goes. We still need to work with our two, though, or they'll decide they are the bosses of us.

We met Em and Liam at Green Bluff today and picked peaches, blackberries and corn. All that walking and wagon-pulling damn near killed me – I think my Green Bluff days are over. But we had corn on the cob for dinner, and peaches and cream for dessert. Blackberry pie is planned for tomorrow.

I spent a little time in the studio, moving my cache of windows to make room for shelving for wooden bits. I've got a zone for metal parts, and for plastics, glass, clay and paper. Tools will go in my antique dental cabinet on wheels and on pegboard. There are three big tables to work on, currently covered in piles of stuff to be sorted. I'm trying to get the tables cleared off and the wood stove set up. Then it's assemblage time! And maybe a weekly art night with arty friends.

Summer is officially over, and so are my Mondays off. Lo. So tomorrow will be spent in non-strenuous activities. Eating pie, for instance.

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