Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cabbage rolls

 With leaves like these, we just had to make cabbage rolls. (OK, we could have become fan dancers in a vegetarian stage show, but I'm not that flexible.)

The cabbage rolls were delicious. We ate half, and put the rest in the freezer for winter.

Got four eggs today; three yesterday. Bought two gallons of milk and two dozen eggs from Rose. 

We're working on box-training Marty the rabbit. He was pretty badly beaten up by the others in the colony, and we can't put him back in there. So he'll have to live in our bathroom with his pop, Smokey, who is a gentleman of impeccable personal habits. Marty's more of a slob. The strategy ( in case you need to house train your rabbit) is make use of the bunny trait of keeping the warren clean, peeing and pooping outdoors when they feed. So we have a litter box or tray with sand or newspaper set up in front of the food and water dishes. If the rabbit is smart and tidy, like Smokey, he figures out what the box is for and he'll use it even if you move it to a corner. If Marts turns out to be an idiot (and I have my suspicions) we'll just keep the box right in front of the food. 

You can see some of the bites on his back. His nose and mouth are chewed up as well. Poor little obnoxious runt. He isn't evil or anything – that's camera red-eye there. I think.

In other news, we grew an octocarrot. It was delicious.

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