Monday, August 8, 2016

The canning begins

There are 14 jars of green beans in the pantry, and nearly another batch (which is seven jars) in the fridge. And there are six big bags of books in the hallway. That's my first August weekend – the monthly Deer Park book sale, and the beginning of the summer canning season.

The kids came up for the book sale. Liam was cranky as his mother had eaten cheese. Em's gone mostly dairy-free since it seems to bother him. What a sacrifice! We loves the cheese in my family.

We got to babysit the little fellow Friday night. He was angelic. Must remember to tell Em we'll sit anytime, as long as she isn't eating cheese.

I could write more, and take some photos... but I have six bags of books. And some funky oatmeal cookies.

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