Monday, August 15, 2016

Hot August

The weird rainy cool week in August is over, and we're back to the usual heat. It is cool at night, at least.

Another batch of green beans went through the canner for a total of 28 quarts so far.  There is nearly enough in the fridge for the next batch. This would be impressive if we didn't remember the year C. canned 300 quarts of beans – on a wood stove – back in the olden days when we worked harder and ate more. Still, it's good.

C. brought four of her soccer-ball-sized cabbages in, and we sliced them up and layered them with salt in the 10-gallon crock. I think there's room in there for another four.

I turned the rabbits loose in their yard. I still need to bring in some gravel for the middle area, to keep them out of any mud, but it's quite secure. They seem to like it, but need some toys and hidey-holes. It feels too exposed, they tell me.

Em and Richard came up today and got a load of wood for us. C. and I watched the little fellow. He was good, as always. He's getting big – nearly 5 months old now. I shamelessly Bogart him. C. gets him only when I have to pee or eat, or he gets crabby. He got to stroke one of the angora rabbits, and loved it. He is a fine fellow.

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