Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our first stinkhorn!

We're so proud. It popped up in the garden, in a bit of mulch. I think it's a mutinous elegans, or elegant stinkhorn. I didn't notice a pong, but perhaps that is to come.

Above, a purple Hungarian pepper and nasturtiums. Pretty. Below, one of C.'s many big cabbages soon to become sauerkraut.

In other news, Marty the rabbit has had his ass kicked and is covered in bites and scratches. He's a pushy little guy and probably asked for it. There is a disturbance in the rabbit-colony force, which causes everyone to act up and renegotiate the pecking order. I think it's because Rue is having a false pregnancy and is making a big messy nest and pulling her fur out. So let's help her out by fighting, boys! Good idea.

The rubber boa is still hanging around the chicken house, looking for mice. C. saw him yesterday.

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