Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beautiful day

It was sunny and warmish out today, so we puttered in the yard.

C. brought Foggy, the white hen, in yesterday, as she was limping. Spring has apparently caused the roosters to go mad, and the chicken yard has turned into an ugly frat party. It's time to find new homes for four of our five roosters. Want one?

We think Fog is OK, but noticed she has leg mites, so I popped her in the sink and scrubbed her legs and feet, and gave her a good wash all over, followed by a blow-dry. We slathered her legs with anti-bug goo and installed her in a cage in the shower. (Don't want poor Burday to catch the mites.)

I snuck into the chicken house at dusk, and grabbed roosting roosters by the legs and popped them into a crate, then locked them in the little tin-roofed duck house that S. brought out last summer. K.and T. appeared, and Telli helped me catch and move the last two, and we went inside to play with the fat grandbaby.

This morning I found that the biggest one (Festunio) had escaped, and the other three were right on his heels. So I spent the day beefing up the duck house and attaching it securely to the lobster pot to make a snug gentlemen's club with veranda. No, it is not elegant in appearance.

C. spent much of the day messing with the chainsaw, which has some kind of problem with the bar oiler. There was much cussing. She did get it running, and cut up some of the remaining wood, but it's still not right. There will be more cussing tomorrow.

She indulged her OCD, raking broken glass and tiles out of the dirt out front, then caught the roosters and we shut them in the clubhouse. They were not amused.

We'll see if my construction will hold them securely. And we'll photograph them and offer them on Craig's List, hopefully to folks who won't eat them.

In exciting news, Emma and Richard have a house! At least their offer has been accepted. So now  they get an inspection, and if all goes well it will close April 21. Then they'll move all their stuff, and we'll move the stuff we left behind, and K. and T. and the fat baby will buy the old house and we'll finally be done with it. Three cheers for closure!

C. is continuing to start cabbages in little pots in the kitchen. I'm off to smear coconut oil on chicken legs.

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