Sunday, March 5, 2017

Is that spring?

That green bit peeking up through the snow and poo and mud – could it be the first harbinger of spring? My gardening friend Jim says it is.

The garden itself looks nothing like spring, though.

Check out the mud in the chicken yard. Can you get Wellington books for chickens? I've seen them for dogs – Earl is saving his allowance for a set of red ones.

There's a cold wind blowing now so I think I'll stay inside.

C. is sewing the back of Liam's quilt on the five-thread serger, which means there is a low-level grumbling noise in the background that occasionally rises to a pitch of creative obscenities. I don't know how she can keep from throwing the bloody thing through the window. She says that while the serger is often frustrating, it's an absolute miracle when it works. I say its a miracle if it works. Because, most of the time, it doesn't.

She spent a couple of days trying to find the toolkit for it. Her sewing studio was disassembled when the kids decided to move out here, and then didn't. So everything is stacked in the stairs room, in higgledy-piggledy order. Can't find anything smaller than a piano (and there aren't any pianos in there). She needed a particular allen wrench to add another needle, so we scrounged in the tools in the gym and found many too big, and some too small. Nothing just right. She managed to work around that somehow, but it still has major tension problems. (With five threads, any tension problem is major.) She fixed that by changing the thread. Apparently this machine is very particular about thread quality. But she has only a little of the fancy thread....

In with anger, out with love.

So she's over there cussing, and I just bump the music volume up. Otherwise I'd have to offer to toss the damn thing through the window for her, which I think she finds unhelpful. I do wish she'd suffer  more quietly.

When it warms up, we'll reassemble her studio. That should help.

Three eggs today.


  1. I have a serger as well, but have the patience to use only three threads for serging and not the five! And when the thread breaks it normally stays unused for weeks, sometimes even months until I have the patience to fix it again. As for mud, not so much of it this year as it has been a dry winter, just patches of it here and there where the animals walk. But in past years, when we were having building work done to the house, there seemed to be as much mud inside the house as there was outside!

  2. Do you find your serger miraculous when it works? So it's worth the hassle? It just seems to me like a technology not yet ready for production. My mom and sisters sew beautifully, but I've never been any good at it. I think a one-needle machine takes too much patience!

  3. there seemed to be as much mud inside the house as there was outside!