Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birthday cluster

Em, Richard and Liam are all celebrating their natal days out here tomorrow, so we're working on getting ready. Em wants a lemon cake, and a big pot of hippie mac-and-cheese for dinner. Richard is getting a chocolate cake with amaretto frosting, and I'm making tapioca pudding for Liam.

Earl and I hit Deer Park for supplies (and yes, I remembered the ketchup I forgot last time). For the first time this year I left the big winter boots at home, and wore actual shoes. I felt so light!

We also picked up a few sticks of pipe insulation to stuff in greenhouse cracks. That stuff is great.

Earl was a good boy and got a little bag of Cheetos. He ate every one (except for the four I got) and then slurped every flake of neon orange off the car seat. (Yes, my car is a pit.)

Ordered 160 pounds of barley seed from Half Moon Feeds to sprout for rabbits. They're going out of business, unfortunately. It's depressing to see local businesses go bust.

Got home, unloaded, and then finished cleaning up the greenhouse. Stuffed that tubular insulation in cracks around the glass and frame. I think we're ready to move the onion seedlings out there, and maybe plant some greens in the raised bed inside.

C. is in the kitchen working on her lemon cake. I'm off to tidy the living room.

Five eggs today.

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