Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jack is not dying

It's crappy outside, one of those wet snowstorms that winter throws around like tantrums in early spring. Meh.

Little blind Jack, the MALTEse-POOdle-shih tZU

We took Jack, the malte-poo-zu, to the vet. He's been kinda bloated, and suddenly seems to be in pain. So we trundle him off to Deer Park for X-rays and blood work. I've been reluctant to take him since he is old (12 or so), and the last old dog we took in came away with a death sentence. I know – he needs to go in no matter how neurotic I am.

So we went, and it wasn't so bad. He has a bladder infection, a kidney stone, and probably Cushing's disease. The Cushing's would explain his big belly and thinning fur. It's not a happy diagnosis, but not terrible for an old dog. The vet decided not to treat the Cushing's for now, since most of the drugs have major side effects. He got antibiotics and pain meds, and we hope will be feeling better in a day or two. We'll see how it goes. And we'll watch for more infections, since that's another sign of Cushing's.

Em and Liam met us at the vet, and we visited for a little while. Em's dog, Bono, has Cushing's. (You may remember Bono as the dog who had the $900 Christmas enema after eating a spatula.)

The famous spatula-eating Bono

So we did the vet thing, which pretty much used up the whole day. Tomorrow I'm heading in to town to lunch with my buddies, and hit Costco with Emma. Wooohoo!

C. is making yogurt on the wood stove with fresh milk from Rose (two gallons and three dozen eggs yesterday). Some of that will be for Walter and Jack, both on antibiotics.

Six eggs today.

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