Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm melting!

That's the snow talking. It's 48 degrees right now, at 6 p.m. Spring! It's messy out, muddy and icy and snowy and sloppy.

The guineas are on the rampage, hollering "buckWHEAT!" from the trees and looking for grasshoppers. Nope, no grasshoppers yet. But we're all giddy with the tease of spring.

The driveway is a mix of slushy and bare. What is left of the woodpile is nearly dry, and so is the kids' boat.

Earl and I drove to the mailbox and picked up the last installment of garden seeds, then stopped at the barn and loosed some bales of hay for the big animals. I filled six garbage bags with clean straw from the back of the barn and dragged them to the car. Those are for the chicken house – our next project is digging all the old chicken-poopy straw out, and putting nice clean fluffy yellow stuff down. It'll be pretty and sweet-smelling – for about a day.

C. started some cabbages today. She's also working in the greenhouse, getting ready to start some greens. I've been making sprouts steadily – the rabbits enjoy lentil and alfalfa, and go nuts for dill. The dill sprouts take two weeks and the lentils two days, so dill is going to be a rare treat. The sprouting mix for dogs I bought is pretty tasty – much more nuanced than the sweet, bland alfalfa you get on the usual veggie hippie sandwich. We had it on cheese-and-pickle sandwiches yesterday. It's red clover, alfalfa, broccoli, seven different lentils, mung beans and hulless oats. I guess I could share some with the dogs tonight. If they are very, very good.

C. split some wood, and tuned the saw up to cut the last of the logs up tomorrow. We need to get another load or two as soon as the snow is gone and the ground is either dry or frozen. Our usual wood spot is DNR land about 8 miles away, and mud can be a problem.

In MS news, I'm taking ritalin, for fatigue, high doses of biotin (B7), and the usual supplements, and am feeling pretty good. I've apparently got high thyroid antibodies, another autoimmune thing, and will be checking that out next month when my new insurance kicks in. I looked at the autoimmune paleo diets that people go on about, and was shocked and horrified. Bloody hell! No to everything I eat (organic wheat and grains, raw cows milk, cheese, butter, eggs and nuts, and homegrown legumes, tomatoes and other veggies) and yes to meat and bright-colored vegetables (nine cups a day!) and very little else. How the hell do people do that? I guess they are desperate. And I'm not that desperate. Yet. Heaven save us, Mrs. Davis, I hope it doesn't come to that. But I could cut out (organic cane) sugar now, and will work on that. 

Spring! Woohoo!

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